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SafeGuard Pest Control Method
  1. Bug Away Specialists, Inc. does an interior and exterior inspection to determine the correct method of treatment and to make sure we target all areas of infestation.
  2. A plant extract dust is placed in the window tracking of each and every window in your home, also placed in the crack in crevices throughout the home, scaling off insects hiding places.
  3. Ant and Roach baits will be placed under all appliances and up and under all cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom area. This is where ants and roaches frequently search for food and water.
  4. Ant and Roach baits are applied to the exterior to attract and kills a variety of pest before they enter your home.
  5. Granular repellents are placed in soil and shrub areas which will leave a barrier around the structure to keep the pest in there natural environment.
  6. A clear liquid residual is sprayed around the doors, windows and eves. This protects your home and completes the exterior barrier.
  7. To give your home that special finishing touch we wipe down spider webbing and knock down any mud dauber nest.(must be reachable with a 10 foot pole)
  8. Last but not the least SAFEGUARD electromagnetic unit is installed in your home working off of the electronic outlet.(This doesn’t allow the bugs to breed in your walls)

Your home is now protected!

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