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WDO (Wood destroying Organisms)

What is a WDO Inspection?

WDO Inspections are typically perform by a pest control company who is licensed to perform them  for the purchase of refinance of a new home.

This inspection should be viewed as a wood destroying (termite & beetles) insect, fungus and moisture inspection. We will inspect your home for all symptoms that will damage wood in your home.

This inspection can be divided into a number of different parts according to the area of the home that is being inspected. The WDO Inspection includes an examination of the exterior of the home, at and above ground level, the interior living area, the attic and the crawl space or basement where applicable. While inspecting the exterior, we will record on graph paper the dimensions of your house, type of construction, and porches or patios attached. Then we will interview you before starting the inspection to gain useful information on: previous or existing insect or fungus, problems, is there a well on the property and has the home been treated before. This will help us get the best handle on the possible problems and we will be able to help you with your WDO inspection findings rather it be referring you to a contractor, treating your home or giving you experienced advice on WDO issues found within your structure.

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