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Termite Inspection

Why is a Termite Inspection so important?

Termite Threats

Termites can be an enormous (and costly) threat to anyone. Termites are commonly found in the southern United States, but termites may infest homes, businesses and other structures in every state except Alaska. Each year termites invade hundreds of thousands of homes and buildings, causing billions of dollars in damage. To make matters even worse, this damage is rarely covered by homeowners insurance. If you live in the Southern United States it is not a matter of if you will get termites, but rather when. Having a termite inspection by a qualified, licensed termite exterminator in your area is the first and most important step towards protecting your valuable property from these terrible, avid pests.

Termite Protection

Bugaway Specialists Incorporated uses the best technology when it comes to protecting and exterminating those persistent termites. Termidor Termite Elimination program offers superior service to any other pest control company in the North Florida Area. The Termidor system has been used to provide unsurpassed results for termite protection. Bugaway Specialists Inc., goes above and beyond your expectations to protect the health of your family and ensure the protection of your property, all while caring for our environment. Bugaway Specialists Inc., a termite protection and exterminator serving Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and Ponte Vedra Beach, is proud to offer our Termidor treatment. Its success is woven into every step of the way we do business with our customers. Termidor uses our superior expertise in pest control and the most advanced technology available to provide unsurpassed termite protection and treatment for your family living in the Jacksonville area. The best way to protect your home from termites is to schedule a termite inspection today!

Termidor is the best product and  is a central part of our strategy to prevent termites from infesting your home. Termidor has set the industry standard in termite protection for North Florida. Including, Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and Ponte Vedra. Termidor termite protection is the key to protect your property and most importantly, provide you and your family with invaluable peace of mind. By choosing Bugaway Specialists Inc., you will receive unsurpassed termite protection in the most environmentally responsible manner attainable. You can rest assured with Bugaway Specialists Inc., because with us your 100% total satisfaction is guaranteed.

With a Termidor treatment our termite protection services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed, no ifs, ants, or bugs about it! Our reputation is built upon our customers, and we work hard to provide you with the best termite protection guarantee in the industry.

Termidor is the best product to treat your investment with the longest residual life expectancy.

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